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Bob and Zip

The Morning Show that starts at noon!
Once upon a time in a galaxy not that far away, Bob and Zip hosted a wildly popular morning show for about 6 years. Worcester and Boston commuters were treated to irreverent humor, twisted tunes, interviews and the edgy but friendly chemistry between Bob Rivers and Zip Zipfel.

Neither were thinking all that clearly back then, and as fate would have it they parted ways, with Bob going on to do morning radio in Baltimore and then Seattle. He found a great guy named Spike O’Neill in Baltimore, and a wonderful addition to the team named Joe Bryant in Seattle. The Bob Rivers Show had a very persistent run for 25 years in the Pacific Northwest.

Zip easily replaced Bob with another cohost named Drew Lane. From Worcester -Boston they would go on to do mornings in Phoenix and Detroit. But no matter where he roamed, Zip could not put Worcester out of his mind. “It’s the finest place to live there is,” he would tell everyone. He wanted to sleep in. Eventually his boss agreed that he should. Free at last, he returned to Worcester and set out to build a radio and television production empire , while continuing to fill do radio shows at his leisure.

Hey you’ve all seen that show, WKRP in Cincinnati? They moved from town to town, up and down the dial. And as they say, it was complicated. For awhile Bob and Zip were not friends and didn’t talk. Bob will tell you it was all Bob’s fault, as he was a jerk to Zip back in the day. Zip’s the kind of guy who’s nice to everyone all the time. He has a heart of gold.

Then one day in 2015 they reconnected, and each one thought the other had matured quite a bit. Bob was officially “retired” from radio after 25 years, and Zip, he still makes an occasional bad decision, so when Bob asked if he’d like to get together for a weekend radio show, Zip said “Yes! As long as it’s in Worcester, land that I love.”

And that, in December of 2015, is how the Bob and Zip Show was reincarnated.

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  1. Dave Robak

    I’m looking for an old tune you did back on WAAF in the early 90’s…..
    Can’t find it anywhere! I don’t remember the title but I think it was Wet Dreams…. a parody on a deep blue sea adventure.
    Anyway, I’d love to get a copy of it somehow if it still exists.

    Thanks! Love the work!

  2. Rich B

    Guys: Thanks for coming back to torture, I mean “entertain” us here in Worcester. You two are a riot and I listen for at least an hour or two every Saturday. You horrified my Mom back in the 80’s when I was in high school (Quote: “How can they say those things on the radio?”)and now you horrify my Wife (Quote: “Those two seem a little odd”). Translation: Keep up the great work!

  3. Nancy

    New Father …. Al Bundy!!!


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